1. Can I meet the doctors in person?
Yes, with great pleasure we can receive our patients to know us and clarify any doubts. For parents who do not have the opportunity to visit us directly in Miami, we travel to different parts of Brazil every three months to give these families the opportunity to meet our pediatricians and obstetricians.
2. Can delivery be followed?
Natural childbirth can be accompanied by up to 3 people. Cesarean delivery with local anesthesia may be accompanied by one person.
3. How and when should I pay for medical services?
The amount is paid in parts. The value of obstetric (US $ 3900) and pediatric (US $ 1590) service is made at the time we start medical care with us. This amount can be paid in kind or with a credit card (with 2.5% increase). The value of the hospital service is paid directly to the hospital and to the associated service providers (pathology, anesthesia, neonatology, and surgical care). This payment is made once a decision has been made about the hospital to be used, usually up to 36 weeks’ gestation. The type of payment accepted varies from hospital to hospital.