The obstetrical team is composed of doctors from Bayshore Women’s Healthcare,  who are licensed and specialized professionals, trained in high risk obstetrical care, and available 24/7.

Our obstetricians prioritize the safety and well-being of our patients while still respecting their culture and autonomy in choosing the type of delivery and procedures.

The obstetric care for international patients usually starts around 32 weeks of gestation. The consultations occur every two weeks up to 36 weeks, and weekly thereafter. If necessary, extra consultations are done at no additional cost.

The obstetrical services also include one to two ultrasounds; chlamydia, gonorrhea and streptococcus studies at  35 weeks of gestation; in addition to the delivery and post-partum consultations.

Joseph Triana


Dr. Joseph Triana is the founder of Bayshore Womens Healthcare and a pioneer of minimally invasive surgery in South Florida.

Albert Triana


Dr. Albert Triana is the brother of Dr Joseph Triana. He joined his brother in 2008 and has played a major role in the shaping of the Da Vinci Robot program employed by Bayshore Women’s Healthcare.

Ernesto Cardenas


Dr. Ernesto Cardenas has been a personal and professional friend to Dr Albert and Joseph Triana for over a decade since training together in medical school. His arrival has been a wonderful addition to the team.

Francisco Cruz


Dr. Francisco Cruz and Dr Albert Triana met during residency training at Jackson Memorial Hospital. He has specialized training in sonography and is yet another reason why Bayshore Women’s Healthcare stands above the rest.